Why are articles disappearing?

Hi everyone,

I’ve encountered this problem for two days now. Here’s one of many posts on the forum that, while loading in google search, do not appear when clicked on:


Any ideas why the older posts are disappearing? It’s pretty annoying since without them I could not have restored my Manjaro (after I ruined it ofc).

If you have an update on this, please let me know.


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The posts from the old forum are archived. Use this link to get it:

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oh wow, thanks! I didn’t know that!!! I suspected as much

Hey there,

Is there some way to, say, instantly go to the archives, when finding content on Google?

All I can suggest is to right click the google search link, copy the url, paste it into your address bar, and add archived between https:// and forum.manjaro.org.





There is the possibility that a redirect will be set up so that links to the old forum posts will be redirected to the old forum, but it is still early days.


I do it the same way as @pfeerick too.

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thank you, that makes sense regardless. :slight_smile: Also I appreciate the fast reply, from everyone! Thank you! ^^

Thank you for the topic! I thought it was a login issue, hence why I made an account. I was able to access topics by clicking links inside of the forum, but google links weren’t opening. Thank you for that archive tip, would be very helpful. This happened when I was installing a dual boot, and I panicked xD

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I am not a web developer so this has the potential to be really stupid, but here we go:

If there is a 404-error (page not found), could you not catch that and redirect to archived.forum.manjaro.org, and let that site handle the 404 if the page does not exist there either?

Wouldn’t that solve the problem with search engines not finding the pages?

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Should be possible I guess

Will give it a try on a machine here and give feedback.

The search function within the archived forum still works.

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I think it is a 301 redirect for permanent change of page (or else a 303)?

a site administrator should be able to add a rewrite rule to check archived forum if page is not found here. but the google spiders will probably work most of it out in a few weeks anyway

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This should do the trick (put into server tag):

error_page 404 = @archive;
location @archive {
        return 301 $scheme://archived.forum.manjaro.org$request_uri;
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That would still result in a page not found error too, if the re-directed url doesn’t exist? If so, that would do in a pinch, but I were implementing this, I would prefer a ‘test if there is a matching archive entry THEN redirect’ approach if that is at all possible. Since the error handling would then be on the ‘new forum’ side, not the old. :wink:

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