Google-chrome does not start anymore; Asks for Wayland

As I am having crash issues while in wayland session I went back to with my gnome 40 install; But now “google-chrome” from the AUR refuses to start:

[15691:15691:0721/] Failed to connect to Wayland display
[15691:15691:0721/] Failed to initialize Wayland platform
zsh: trace trap (core dumped)  google-chrome

anyone got the right idea, as I am unable to google me something I can make sense of.

Can you rebuild the package?

pamac remove google-chrome

pamac build google-chrome

Already did that - it only does not work under with the above postet error. If I move to wayland session google-chrome starts up, but if I want to move (manage) bookmarks it crashes with:] Fatal Wayland protocol error 0 on interface wl_data_source (object 66). Shutting down..

Well that’s fun. Does the chromium package which is in the repos work fine?

Yes - it does; (Ps: I mean I have google-chrome just for netflix and prime to be honest…)

I’m honestly not sure what is wrong here. If I had to guess it was a problem with it explicitly stating Wayland when built, but I don’t see such statement present in the pkgbuild.

Hacky thing would be to use the flatpak if you’re ok with that, understandable if you aren’t. Otherwise I could try and reproduce this on my end by running Wayland when installing it, but Wayland is an unstable mess on my systems.

Can you make sure electron-ozone is uninstalled?

Also, make sure you didn’t pass any arguments here.

I do not have electron-ozone package installed and also nothing the like of ~/.config/electron-flags.conf is present in the filesystem.

Have you tried to fully update your system? I think it was fixed at least for chromium 92.0.4515.107-3 in the meanwhile. Just try

sudo pacman-mirrors -f && sudo pacman -Syyu

I did a full update today earlier today. And just as of now downloading the latest chromium (which did not show that same behaviour previously anyhow) and now still works that its on latest version.

Does that not work with Chromium? Chromium should be able to download and install Widevine…

If not, there seems to be a chromium package for widevine: AUR (en) - chromium-widevine