Good "all in one" package manager wanted

From pamac is often discouraged to use AUR. I would not like to use multiple packagemanagers. Is yay recommended to get a good complete packagemanager?

Use what you like. yay or paru are simply wrappers around pacman with the ability to build and install AUR packages.

pamac has a nicer interface (pacman -S vs. pamac update) but the AUR support is not perfect, I’d say. Bonus points for the GUI which additionally updates snap and flatpak packages.

However, this will become a religious thread. Use what you like.


I always use and recommend pamac, but in the end the decision is yours and yours alone, because you must use it and live with the consequences.

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It is never discouraged to use pamac for packages from the AUR. It exists for a reason. It is only reminded constantly that how AUR is a little different and needs some more attention compared to the packages from official repos. Problems happenning while installing a particular package from AUR with pamac will very likely occur in yay also.

If you want to use GUI and handle snap and flatpaks also with your “complete package manager” then choose pamac. Else go with yay. I use yay as I prefer cli and don’t use snaps/flatpaks.


For more advanced users there’s topgrade aviailable in the community repo.

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I do use trizen most times

As @ishaan2479 correctly says - AUR is discouraged not Pamac.

Pamac is a great tool but custom packages tend to create issues when they either are forgotten or not updated in immediate connection with general system updates.

Which method you choose to maintain your system is a matter of preference.- what is important is to carefully consider the impact and how to recover if your custom packages creates issues when syncing with official repo.

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Short answer: pamac (GUI and CLI)

I’ve seen it mentioned in the forum too, and scratched my head. When I first started using Manjaro, and learning the ropes, the choice for package manager was trial and error, but I feel very confident in my choice now.

I know people that just use pamac. I use pacman (and pacman-mirrors) and pamac for the AUR. Manjaro appears to be putting a lot of effort into pamac and improving it. imho, if one is using Manjaro, pamac would be my recommendations. And when pamac hiccups, use pacman.

Most distributions have supported software and unsupported software (for your convenience, provided by another community), or some way for the user to build/compile other software. I like to think of the AUR warnings, as a reminder, like be careful of using electrical gadgets next to water. You can use them, just be careful, and all responsibility is yours.

I found this @philm entry helpful:

This is head-scratcher, too. You can do updates with pamac, but we recommend doing it in a TTY.

I update software in a GUI, but I always reboot. It takes seconds, it reduces the chance of a problem, and if there is a problem I’ll catch it earlier than later.

[Testing Update] 2022-02-21 - Kernels, Toolchain, Plasma 5.24.1, KDE FW 5.91.0, Mesa 21.3.6, Wine 7.2, Gnome 41.4, Linux-FW, Gstreamer 1.20.0, Nvidia, Pipewire - #2 by philm

▼ freetype2 update might result in font characters becoming squares

Don’t worry, a relogin to your UI should fix it. We recommend to do the update in a TTY. Affected UIs so far: Gnome, Phosh, Cinnamon.

A package manager that I haven’t seen mentioned in the forum for awhile, although I’m not look’n either :slight_smile: , is octopi. It’s in the Arch AUR and Manjaro promoted it to the Manjaro Community repo.

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