Gnome weather just doesn't work. Period

Running a newly installed, fully updated stable, gnome-weather 40.0-1. I love the idea of seeing the weather in the clock, so I click on “set weather location…” which opens gnome-weather. When I try to set my location there, nothing happens, like pffft. Entering just my country’s name (Denmark) doesn’t help. Bigger cities don’t work (not even Copenhagen), nothing. Google’s not too helpful, since I’m only finding issues with gnome-weather that have been “resolved” (obviously not for me). I’m at my wit’s end. Any ideas?

Edit: Location services ARE enabled in settings, if that makes a difference. I’ve now gotten gnome-weather to find my location “automatically” (it found a station an hour away, even though I know the Norwegian Meteorological Institute DOES have my city) but I can’t enter my city manually.

Also, the weather is showing (for this wrong city) in the actual gnome-weather app, but not in the clock, where it just shows “Loading…”

disable your location service in gnome settings and select your location in weather app.

Makes no difference unfortunately…

Reporting the same. But in my case, it works when I open the app but in the clock is stuck in “Loading…”.
Location services enabled or disabled doesn’t make any difference.
gnome-weather: 40.0-1

Stable branch is still running on Gnome shell 3.38. That issue does not happen on Gnome shell 40.

I’m afraid you’ll have to wait for Gnome shell 40 to be released on Stable, unless you switch to the Testing branch.

If you do switch to the Testing branch, you just need to upgrade your packages. Then, this issue should go away.

Just be aware that by switching to testing you might end up dealing with other issues, depending on your environment.


Same issue here. The weather in the clock just shows “Loading”. It doesn’t matter enabled or disabled location services.
gnome-weather: 40.0-1

Did you see the post above? :point_up_2:

Not many things you can do about it other than switching to the upper branches, if you can’t wait for gnome shell 40 to be released on Stable.

This issue has been resolved with the release of [Stable Update] 2021-07-13