GNOME touchpad gestures not working


I am trying to make three-finger swipe up and down gestures work on Manjaro 21.0.4
I have enabled libinput-gestures-setup but it does not seem to work.

Using the gestures app, I have tried to configure a simple three-finger swipe up to imitate the functionality of Super key for activities.
Here is the config from ~/.config/libinput-gestures.conf :

#Generated by Gestures 0.2.5  -->
# Manual editing might result in data loss!

# Invalid lines
#I: ]
#I: ] # simulate keystroke

# Unsupported lines

# Swipe threshold (0-100)
swipe_threshold 0

# Gestures
gesture swipe up 3 xdotool key Super

Log from libinput-gestures-setup status looks fine to me.

libinput-gestures is installed.
libinput-gestures is set up as a desktop application.
libinput-gestures is currently running as a desktop application.
libinput-gestures is set to autostart as a desktop application.
libinput-gestures is using custom configuration.

Log for libinput-gestures -d

libinput-gestures: session gnome-xorg+x11 on Linux-5.10.34-1-MANJARO-x86_64-with-glibc2.33, 
python 3.9.4, libinput 1.17.2
Hash: 63c9c2e7aa76f826431104886222c993
Gestures configured in ~/.config/libinput-gestures.conf:
swipe up         3 xdotool key Super
libinput-gestures: device /dev/input/by-path/platform-i8042-serio-1-event-mouse(event9): SynPS/2 
Synaptics TouchPad
libinput-gestures is already running for raj, terminating ..

Please help :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, I’ve never had to troubleshoot this, the command you use, xdotool is this installed? while trying to simulate this I’ve found I needed to install the xdotool. However I to cannot use the swipe up function when configuring it like you posted. I tested this on an old (and probably slightly bitrotted touchpad) on a 10 year old laptop for witch I usually use a mouse to interact with.

@Hanzel Yes I have xdotool installed.

   xdotool -v               
   xdotool version 3.20160805.1

I have Synaptics Touchpad (as shown in the log above) in Thinkpad T430. Not sure if this hardware is the reason? :thinking:

The latest manjaro GNOME uses Wayland by default and iirc libinput-gestures only work on Xorg (it has some problems on wayland since it uses Xwayland on wayland sessions). You can check if you are using wayland or Xorg by typing echo $XDG_SESSION_TYPE in terminal. If it is wayland, i suggust you use fusuma or extended-gestures extension or touchegg. All 3 work flawlessly on wayland. I would suggest to go with extended-gestures extension since it is easy to configure but for power users other 2 are best ( i am using fusuma and it works great).

Also Xdotool only works for Xorg or Xwayland sessions. It cant do anything in wayland session. So in short use fusuma or extended-gestures extension or touchegg if on wayland.


Thanks for your response, I use the Xorg session because some features like screen sharing in MS Teams do not work with Wayland at all.

Are there options available on Xorg? I am fine with default as Wayland but not sure how to solve screen sharing issues on some applications.

Hardware is not supported as per: $ sudo libinput list-devices

clarified here.

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try them

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