Linux Gestures Support - TouchEgg Not Working

Hello Everyone,

I was a huge fan of libinput-gestures on Gnome forever. But since I updates to Gnome-40 (on Wayland), I lost my gestures support, specifically with going back/forth in web browsers (Chromium, Firefox, etc.). I was told to check out this thread where basically it was recommended to use Touchegg for gestures (under Wayland):

I setup Touchegg but it appears it does not ‘record’ the settings I try to do for custom shortcults (alt + back arrow and alt + forward arrow) for back/forth browser navigation. However, I try to save it and test things, and nothing is working. I was hoping someone out there might have some experience with getting Touchegg working with Gnome 40 (and wayland) specifically for browser navigation support.

Any help that anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Touchégg does not support Wayland.

However, it may work if your touchpad supports the gesture feature. You can check with:

sudo libinput list-devices | grep gesture

If there’s no output, it does not support it.

It looks like my laptop (XPS 13 9350) is supported:

sudo libinput list-devices | grep gesture                        ✔  6s  
Capabilities:     pointer gesture

Well, some things may not work. Are the settings being saved in ~/.config/touchegg/touchegg.conf?