GNOME Online Accounts Crashes in Manjaro Cinnamon

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Recently, I was unable to send my files to Google Drive because of its credentials. So I logged out of my Google Account and then attempted to log back in. However, the GNOME Online Accounts crashes every time I try to log in. I tried almost everything, including reinstalling the packages and even changing the kernel to its stable release and whenever I go to Online Accounts and click on the Google logo and it still crashes. What do I need to do to fix this bug?


Looks like it was built to work only on gnome (correct me if i’m wrong) . Why do you need that on cinnamon anyway?

Cinnamon is a GTK desktop environment. By default, it comes with GNOME online accounts.

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Are there any errors running the following from the terminal?

cinnamon-settings online-accounts

maybe it is?

works with:
env WEBKIT_FORCE_SANDBOX=0 cinnamon-settings

wait to see what others answer…but in my cinnamon test it gave the following error:

** ( ERROR **: 15:58:07.653: GApplication is required for xdg-desktop-portal access in the WebKit sandbox.
`trap' para punto de parada/seguimiento (`core' generado)

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I was able to reproduce the issue in a VM. We have Cinnamon 5.2 coming up soon, so hopefully a fix is in the works.

You need this to make it work .


I have put this in “.profile” but someone may know of a better place to put this?

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Actually open a terminal and paste the above command:
env WEBKIT_FORCE_SANDBOX = 0 cinnamon-settings
makes it work to open accounts online, select create google account and once it is allowed to access, it will be operational and will show the google drive directory in nemo.
but if you want, you can also add the command to .bashrc or create an alias.

Don’t know if it helps but I used this to intergrate my google drive accounts into nemo rather than online accounts

Edit, it doesn’t work anymore so needs the edit you posted