Gnome Layout Switcher help (newbie)

hi, i am incredibly new to Linux as a whole, 2 days ago i decided to try and get some more life out of my Acer CB3-431 Chromebook by putting Linux on it so i could put steam and some emulators on it. most of what i am interested in playing on it will run more than sufficiently. After 2 days of trying to force things to work by randomly copying and pasting code and files i found on google (and not understanding any of it) i was down to only one unresolved issue, I had no audio. I finally found a post that someone was saying my processor and ubuntu was the issue, that Manjaro supported it out of the box, so i installed manjaro, tested it and it works. The only problem now, is i had gotten used to the layout of ubuntu having the nice chunky bar along the side. So back to google I go trying to find some way to modify the UI and i come across posts about Gnome Layout Switcher, proceed to install it and it just does nothing. I am so close to being done and just installing all my games again and being all set.

Is anyone able to help explain what im doing wrong in terms that someone that doesn’t know what they’re doing could understand? I believe i am running the most current version, i downloaded yesterday and it says Qonos 21.2.6 on the Manjaro Hello that opens on launch. its the last thing left for me to get working other than remapping some of the keyboard buttons since chromebooks are weird, but im gonna look into that now.

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You’ll have to be a little more specific than that. We test Layouts frequently and it’s currently working fine. Please see:

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Well… i can tell you much more now… i can even tell you why it wasn’t working. Apparently XFCE and GNOME are different things. i just got GNOME installed and the “strangest” thing, it just works. I apologize for the confusion and time of yours i wasted reading and responding. just gotta poke around the settings for a couple of hours (possibly just a me thing with any new device/software, make sure i know everything i can change and set it) and start downloading everything again

as far as error messages though, there were none, i was able to install the gnome layout switcher and set a different layout, hit apply and just wonder why nothing changed. i should probably look into finding a comprehensive new user guide, maybe even pick up a raspberry pi or another crappy chromebook and start learning stuff

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No worries. Hey, you learn something new every day. :grinning: :+1: