Gnome keyboard layout switcher conflicts with fcitx (chinese input)

I want to report a conflict between fcitx and the built-in gnome keyboard layout switcher.

I suddenly started experiencing the issue described here: Gnome freezes when changing keyboard layout

This was due to me having installed the package fcitx for chinese input. When this package is installed a virtual keyboard icon would appear in the tray:

As long as this program was running, invoking the keyboard layout switcher
would prevent all further input (my only option was to tty out.)

Exiting the virtual keyboard beforehand let me switch layouts without issues.

There is nothing the Manjaro team can do about conflicting keyboard shortcuts, especially those in third party softwares. If you have an issue, then change the keys. For example I have fcitx configured to switch inputs using the insert key.

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@Twifty thanks for your reply. Is it that super-space is used by both programs and therefore causing a conflict?