GNOME Apps on Xfce in the future

Hey there,

how do you guys deal with the upcoming GNOME Apps (libadwaita)?
How can I keep a consistent look? Move to GNOME or find alternative Apps?
Screenshot of the visual mismatch:


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Looks like Dark and Light theme are mixed…

You add something like that to /etc/environment:


Also check xfce4-settings


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Thank you for your time :slightly_smiling_face:

@megavolt everything was set to Matcha-dark-sea

@Yochanan here is the result of gtk-color-scheme: prefer-dark and gtk-theme: Adwaita-dark:

However older GNOME Apps (e.g. Disks 41.0) respect the configured theme and variant.

If you’re not using the unstable branch, then what I mentioned will not apply for Libadwaita applications until GNOME 42 packages make it to other branches.

That’s a “Legacy application”; aka a Gtk 3 application.

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