Gnome 42 system-wide Dark and Light theme don't changes popup menu

I saw that my Manjaro Gnome OS now has the newest Gnome 42. So I tried the systemwide Dark and Light theme and there are some things that I want to know about it.
The popupmenu like the right menu on the topbar where you can logout stays dark. Has the configuration only a effect on the windows and not on the OS itself?

Another issue is that I want to use a theme who I modified the gnome-shell.css but not the background. Is there a way that it uses the selected setting and the styles I made?

Make sure you’re fully up to date and have manjaro-gnome-settings 20220423-2. It will prompt to remove manjaro-gdm-theme which is causing the issue. Then make sure you’re using the default Shell theme.

Also see:

Am I understanding it right that I can’t use a usertheme with this?
I want to set my own primary color. With some styles in the gnome-shell.css. Is this possible to archive this without a user theme?
The theme of the windows are working with my theme (Matcha-Aliz) where I modified a bit. And I can easily change between Dark and Light mode.

And where is the manjaro-gdm-theme located? I can’t find it and I only have the Tweaks app.

It is a pacman package. If it is installed, it is automatically on. It’s what makes gdm highlight color green, and that is inherited by gnome-shell unless overwritten by a user theme.

Ah ok than I think the folder is already deleted. So do you think it’s a issue of the usertheme that the menu of the shell stays dark?