Gnome 40 - Libinput-Gestures Not Working

Hello Everyone,

I know my libinput-gestures were working when I upgraded to Gnome 40 (as I had to update my config to use 4 fingers instead of 3 fingers). But sometime soon after, it appears to have stopped working and I am unsure what the root cause is that caused it to break.

Is anyone else experiencing issues?


Hello, I don’t use them, but I think I remember a post from @Chrysostomus stating it was working with Wayland, but not with Xorg (unless it was the other way around?)

What do you use, Wayland or Xorg? Try switching and see if it works better.

Edit : here is an useful thread for you:

Thanks for the reply @Falav. Libinput-gestures was working perfectly for me a few weeks ago with Gnome 40 + Wayland. I have even been using it for longer with Gnome 3.38 + Wayland with no real issues. I read through the post you linked, and it looked like it ended up being a hardware issue for that specific user. Unfortunately, I think my situation is NOT a hardware issue since it was working previously.

Any other ideas or feedback from anyone would be greatly appreciated!


I notice that Wayland’s touchpad is smoother and faster than Xorg with libinput-gestures.
It is like speed and sensitivity of Macbook’s touchpad.

Try gnome-shell-extension-x11gestures (uses touchegg) instead of libinput-gestures on Xorg.

What about for those of us using Wayland?