Gnome 40 Desktop Enviroment

Hello, I am using Manjaro KDE Plasma, and I am very happy with it! I did try gnome, a while ago, but not on Manjaro - on Fedora, as well as on Pop OS! I like both KDE and Gnome, however Gnome always felt very sluggish and Ram/Cpu heavy. After reading the news about Gnome 40, I am interested - how will the new Gnome compare to KDE Plasma, in terms of smoothness in running, as well as CPU and RAM load? Thank you in advance and stay healthy everyone!

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If you want first hand experience with Gnome 40 check out :point_down: thread.

Thank you!

At the moment

  • runs smoother than plasma
  • is much more resource heavy than plasma

oh man, my 2015 laptop will explode :frowning:

I am running Manjaro Gnome on a X1 Carbon from 2016 and it runs smooth. I don’t observe any resource issues. I also tried KDE on the same machine and can’t spot any difference.

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I also like Gnome, and want to try version 40, but KDE is faster at least it used to, some things that I love on KDE

  1. the fact that you can actually search calendar events for more than two weeks time, in Gnome it does not, some bug that is to be fixed for ages!
  2. In KDE there’s a great calendar Widget that shows calendar events with web links and you can actually directly click on them, great for ZOOM meetings.
    In Gnome Calendar is as statis as a stone, you can’t add events from the notification bar/menu and you definitely can’t click html links either. You can on KDE.
  3. Search, Gnome search is okayish, it’s fast to search but it does not give you any preview and when you open a ton of items on the Files manager,it won’t let you sort by date, time, size or whatever, making very annoying. In KDE search is way more flexible.
  4. One pro for gnome is that on Samba network shares it actually streams video directly on KDE it does not most of the time, it has to download all the file,and that sucks, literally.
  5. KDE Notifications are messy,on Gnome notifications are way more manageable.
  6. KDE takes more time to start after login and it’s actually blinks screen several times,is cosmetic, but it’s something Gnome has implemented way better.
  7. This one I think it’s Manjaro fault,on Gnome distro Manjaro have bluetooth working before login, so you can easily use your wireless bluetooth keyboard,on KDE version it’s only activated after login, Manjaro also does not implente/install any low memory killer app, Fedora does this out of the box, Zram is also not activatedout of the box, Fedora also does it.

I think some of this problems could have been fixedin Gnome 40, I hope so,maybe some users of it can enlight us

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i run manjaro gnome on an old 2008 pc with 4g dual channel ram
and it’s work fine (:smile:

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