Glitchy UI and problems loading screen UI on startup

My Manjaro desktop is very wonky for some reason. Lots of weird glitches of the UI (like toolbar not showing up or all screens being black background and mirrored with no right click ability or ctrl+alt+delete) on startup sometimes, and when this happens, I have to restart it manually (via clicking power button), as it seems to leave me with no options to restart. The toolbar won’t go on my main screen unless I set a different screen as my primary, and a few other weird glitches.

My suggestion to such issues is the usual

  • remove all customized plasma packages / plasmoids etc
  • remove all custom theming packages
  • reset all your customization to default Plasma Breeze including desktop

The reaoning behind is simple - if you apply 3rd party themes - you are in the danger zone of breaking functionality as those themes may not match upstream KDE - they may even be unmaintained - like the ones you find on kde look.

The trick to Plasma stable across updates is to keep as close to upstream as possible - apply as few customizations as possible.

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I did download a third party theme, that might be doing it. I’ll try this out today.