Glibc version error

I’ve seen that ArchlinuxARM updated their glibc package to v2.33-5 on May 17th : glibc (arm) | Package Log | Arch Linux ARM
(my previous post was too early : Glibc difference between ARM and X86 :yum: )
If I can see it well Manjaro ARM version is stucked to v2.32-2. I can’t find the PKGBUILD on gitlab : core · GitLab
It should be noted that the version has been upgraded to v2.34 on the gnu site and Archlinux x86 will update soon…

@Strit do you have any idea ?

Sorry to burst your bubble, but no. Glibc is still 2.32 in Arch Linux ARM.

The PKGBUILD is updated, yes, but the package in their repo is not, so the Arch ARM devs have not had time to actually build and test it yet.

Yes it was what was a little bit confusing to me.
I hope they will have time to update the package soon.

I’ve just seen that the main maintainer of the package has step down as Arch developer : [arch-dev-public] Goodbye

I hope someone will pick up the torch. :frowning:

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