Geary Does Not Update Emails

Hello guys! This app, even when I set it to generate notifications in the system of new emails, the app only shows new emails when it is opened. How do I fix it?

Notifications can only be generated when the process handling them is running. It can be:

  • a daemon running in background, and started with the user session
  • an application minimized to tray
  • an open application

In your case, you would like the first option. AFAIK Geary does not have it.

So why on Fedora Workstation, for example, do I get this first option?

Perhaps it wasn’t the first option. We wouldn’t know. Maycne merely took a wild guess, not even an educated one.

You should provide more information.

  • What’s happening now that is unwished?
  • What do you expect to happen?

Also, see [HowTo] Provide System Information

And don’t be afraid of details. The more you provide, the better you can be helped.


Also, see Apps/Geary/Design/Notifications - GNOME Wiki!

Here’s the thing…Geary opens normally, I can add email accounts to it, but I noticed that only a few times the application manages to notify, through the system’s notification center, of new messages in the e-mail inbox. mail. Usually geary can only show new email messages when I manually open the app. So, I want that, when the application is properly configured graphically (under “Preferences”) to generate notifications in the system of new email messages, this will always work, which it doesn’t. However, this application failure regarding these notifications does not occur in Fedora and Ubuntu, for example. So I would like to know what procedures to fix this flaw.

Well, that is better. Although probably still insufficient. I wouldn’t know. You need someone way more knowledgeable than I, regarding both Gnome and Geary. Because I don’t use either of those.

More information (possibly screenshots? see [HowTo] post screenshots and links ) would still be very welcome, albeit not strictly necessary if someone knows Geary well.

Ok friend, thank you anyway!

Geary runs a background service that should be started automatically. The process will be geary --gapplication-service.

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Ok, but how to insert this service on startup?

Enable Watch for new mail when closed in Geary’s preferences.

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So I’ve already done it, and it works. The only point is that the app can’t always load new emails in real time when it’s closed.

That is pretty normal - when it’s closed isn’t running - if it isn’t running cannot fetch mails.

Maybe there’s a service not running - I must say I prefer my applications to close when I close them.

Is geary --gapplication-service running? If not, are there any errors running it manually?

EDIT: DO NOT run it with sudo.

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