Games Stuttering

New to Linux here. I’m having a bit of a hard time getting any game to properly run on my computer. Everything is either slow or incredibly stuttery when I try to run games. Lowering the settings doesn’t help anything. What’s more is that when I try to save anything in the NVIDIA settings, it says that it was unable to create new backup file. Am I missing something?
Results of inxi
CPU: Quad Core Intel Core i5-6600 (-MCP-) speed/min/max: 3674/800/3900 MHz
Kernel: 5.7.19-2-MANJARO x86_64 Up: 3h 47m Mem: 6293.0/32069.1 MiB (19.6%)
Storage: 7.60 TiB (50.1% used) Procs: 279 Shell: inxi: 3.1.05
I have a GTX 1070, also.

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What drivers are you using? It maybe trying to launch games on your intergrated gpu rather than the nvidia card. The easiest way to launch games is to use lutris, you can select prime render offload (if that’s what you are using) and feral gamemode in lutris settings which will force the pc to use nvidia card and prevent any throttling

I’m using the 450.80.02 drivers. Or at least that’s what it says I’m using, anyway. I am using Lutris, but I’ll try those options and see what happens.


I had the same problem with XFCE

Try Gnome after switching to gnome i have no in Game Stutter

hop this helps

I just switched to Gnome, and it improved my performance a lot. I appreciate your suggestion. There does still remain some lag, though. Anything else I should adjust?

It Depends on your GPU and your settings
don’t go Ultra high and so on

I’m Glad I can help

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Install and run gamemode could do the trick.