Fresh Install on New Computer Causes Kernel to change and software to be 'testing'

Installation was a little ‘bumpy’, but it finished with no real problems.

Tried installing the software I wanted post installation, and got a conflict message. Then I ran pacman -Syu to clear things up, and I got a huge list of errors. 20+ programs were all ‘newer than the core/extra’. So it makes me think that I am somehow on a testing repo, but it’s a fresh install.

Anyway, I try the refresh/force updates with pacman and I don’t really get anywhere. I am currently on the live version and noticed that it is the new kernel as well, and that after forcing the updates I get an odd ‘Kernel is unsupported’ message.

I downgraded the kernel, but because the software is all based on what seems to be testing repos my wifi gave out. Anyway, I will tinker around and see if I can’t figure out if the live version is using the lts repos or testing ones.

The bumpy install obviously finished with problems, i’d say :rofl:
The default branch after fresh install is stable. You can check with pacman-mirrors
Probably you/your mirrors were not synced in the first place. You have to be more specific with giving information if you want help.

For generalness:

For current branch:

pacman-mirrors -G
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