Freedom in discussion

There’s no forum, to just talk anything, or to manup with your desktop looks or whatever chitchat like communication.

There’s the Member’s hub, when you get to TL3 TL2.

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This topic has been brought up here, already:

…where one can chat with like 7(?) people?

Yes, offtoppic for newcomers would be great, just because, on facebook you cannot criticize the fact you just cannot be negative. Therefore whole social networking is fake. Also… Matrix’s paid, mind’s haven’t launched of in my network. That’s just sad.

Back in the day, communities on internet waren’t store’s or repairs, but places where people have meet.

There’s so much hate floating around facebook. We don’t want that on this forum. This forum is a place for people to get help with a problem or issue. Not a social platform. There are other means for social platforms. An Off Topic section for newcomers, get very hard to moderate, very quickly.

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Numbers never reflect on quality :wink:
Come 'n join in :smile_cat:

I came to understand the motivation, here. Yes, chitchat is fun, but can fan out so a conversation gets dragged all over the place, at times. Picking up dust and particles that are not part of the main “question”.

I miss that chitchat where one could frollic about, but that is what other fora can be of more use while Manjaro-centered things are done here.

As said in that famous lingo c’est la vie:wink:


No can do: TL2 :man_shrugging: :grinning:

i feel like the community over at r/manjarolinux on reddit is a great place for general discussion and banter not on a professional website where devs are looking to help the people using their os its a place to help with hardware issues and so on :slight_smile:

by the way Manjaro is my new favorite. i’ve been using debian based systems for 8 plus years and this is a really refreshing and nice OS and im having no issues on the rolling release version :slight_smile:

generally peoples own opinions can lead to some not so nice conversations and i believe these types of forums aren’t meant for regular discussion


Indeed. There’s also the official Telegram channel:

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thanks ill check it out :slight_smile: