Fixed Date for Stable iso release

There should be a fixed date or a fixed duration to release a new stable iso for Manjaro, like 1st day of every month or two months OR, between Day 1 to Day 5 of every month or two. The last official stable iso was released on 3rd Jan, 21. So it has been a long time since a new stable official iso has been released. If someone wants to install Manjaro now (with official isos) they have to use the old iso and have 2 go through a big update. So, it will be very helpful if u release officail isos in a timely manner.

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Manjaro is not Ubuntu/Canonical with hundreds (more?) developpers dedicated to release isos at fixed dates.

Isos will be out when they have bandwidth for it. There were by ex lots of work concerning ARM.

Besides, there were recent updates in XFCE and KDE desktops versions. But as Gnome, the big 40 update is expected this month I believe. It would be a better option IMHO to release a new iso only after the 3 official editions have got new releases.

Finally, the isos are not so old. You can still build a fresh system from Architect.


There are these stable review ISOs :


ohh…i c…this is the case then…ok no prob…all devs are working really hard…thank you
I heard that architect is not being actively maintained r8 now

yes I am using this right now…but these are release previews
I have installed Manjaro gnome from this iso couple of days ago

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…here you are

I don’t know for sure, but it still works fine. Don’t pick the ancient Architect iso, use instead the Architect launcher within any recent Manjaro iso.

Official isos are released on osdn only

Ohh mannnn…I always used the 20.0.3 architect …🤦

All isos include architect in it…the new ones too🤦🤦🤦🤦
Thnx for reminding me


…well, you are too smart to trust me, but maybe trust him.

Those are review isos…he clearly mentioned…and he also mentioned that official isos will be released on osdn only…that thread was also created by me

Those ISOs are “Stable Review” ISOs, they aren’t official final full Stable Release ISOs.

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Yup…this is what I was saying

Just an fyi, whenever you start architect, it auto-updates itself to the newest version of Architect in the repo, so that you’re always using the newest version of architect, which is nice.

As you already know, you can run architect in any Manjaro LiveISO or use the Architect ISO itself, which is much smaller.

Ohh…I c…so using 20.0.3 architect & architect within latest isos r same??

The main difference about using an older architect ISO or using a newer architect ISO (or any LiveISO) is that the kernel you’re booting into the LiveISO can be different. This matters mainly for computers with hardware not compatible with the specific kernel.

The architect program/script itself will be the same though, since it updates itself. Which is why the current Architect ISO is 20.0.3, where as the others (GNOME, XFCE, KDE) are 20.2.1

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Thank you very much for making it clear :smiley::ok_hand:t3: