Firefox version 104

Hello, As Firefox 104 is out I was just wondering when are we going to get it. Thank you

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Is in unstable now, see Packages | manjaro


Since i’m not sure if it is a security release, it might take a “minute” to get to testing and a bit later to stable.


Question: is it wise downloading “Firefox 104”-packages from a mirror and install it as local Package
this will prevent to do unwanted partial updates if OP is at stable?


Let’s take chess for example.

When you start learning chess you have to learn some beginner/core chess principles. Like don’t move a single piece multiple times in a row, don’t open with side (A and H) pawns, etc.
And it’s best to follow them to become a better chess player.

But when you are a GM, you can break these principles because you have much deeper understanding of the game.

While this is possible:

sudo pacman -U

and if you have also custom language packs for FF to also get them the same way, for me is much wiser to switch branches, switch to unstable if is a MUST HAVE latest applications versions.

Of course the above -U i also did a couple of times, not with FF, and to be honest, there was no real benefit after all. :sweat_smile:

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I normally fast track security updates (especially Firefox, Thunderbird and Chromium) to all branches as much as I can. Occasionally some packages can be pushed to all branches as is, however sometimes they need to be rebuilt to match the library versions per branch. Think of each Manjaro branch as a separate version of Manjaro.

Lately @philm has been doing some manual juggling with testing and stable updates. I’ve held off lately as testing and stable updates have been more frequent as of late.

However, now that there may not be as much juggling involved, I will resume my normal fast tracking shortly.


then you are not helpless when breaking system by jumping between repos.
If the package from unstable will not install in stable
– this may be called a “security-functiuon” to the sake of beginners.

Personal: are you a psycho doctor or expert (psy) customer?


O.K. your are not an elve – those answer with yes AND no… :innocent:

If I see this correctly, stable is still on 103.0.2-1… are there reasons why 104 does not end up in stable?

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It will probably be in stable repository with next release

It is very frustrating that Firefox is not updated, especially since important security patches are available.

I am used to this from the other distributions, like Mint, that constantly 1-2 weeks times nothing happens.

But from the almost rolling release distribution I am severely disappointed. :frowning:

I had 2-3 Firefox Updates in Windows in the last few weeks and still today no Firefox Update for Manjaro (stable).

I saw several times that Firefox updates just as standalone process without other packages involved.

But when the next stable release takes so long, why isnt Firefox rolled out yet, as standalone update?

Is it really neccessary to include it in a release package this time?

Not sure where you got this information, but firefox needs to be built against the branch that needs it, because of the nss libraries at different versions in different branches.

When the next stable release takes so long and does not follow usual 2 weekly-ish cadence,
I expect there are new ISOs being polished for release after packages are released to stable

Now I know why Flatpak exists. I installed Firefox Flatpak and the current version is running well so far. And since Flatpak also offers sandboxing, I even have another added value. And if the information on Flathub is correct, the package comes directly from Mozilla.

Switched to Flatpak too. Not bad, it also works with webapp-manager. Plus: with Flatseal it’s super easy setting Wayland mode, without environment variables or startup script


I am rather new on my way with Manjaro - and I like the rolling-release management and the large choice of applications.
Now I am surprised about the rather long testing time especially for Firefox and a bit less for Thunderbird.
As far as I have understood there were struggling security leaks reported for both.
While other distros - Debian forks and Arch forks - have updated within 24- 48 hours Firefox to 104 and sent a miniupdate meanwhile (archbased one), Manjaro still stays testing since some weeks.
As far as I remember Mozilla released Firefox version 104 about 22th of August.
And yes, I have read some threads in this forum dealing with updates in general and more specific with Firefox.
But contrary to the posted intentions there now some weeks have gone meanwhile after Mozilla’s releases.
Are there special problems this time?
Please let me emphasize my remarks should not be understood as a critical review. I am thankful to the team for this very nice distro.They do a great job! It’s only a question for better understanding last based on my concern that striking webconnected unpatched applications like browsers and emailapps could threaten the security of the whole system.
Would it be possible and applicable to patch and test them with greater preference?
If I understood some posts right in some threads here this holds to be the declared intention of the team.
I would appreciate very much your points of view and assessment.

I’m trying to use it too, but the “open file” dialog fails after using the Add/Remove Flatpak install. How do you add it?