Firefox version 104

I’m new here also (little over a month). And I wondered about it too. Meanwhile I switched to manjaros testing branch on my laptop, to see how close security updates were delivered there and how stable it is.
For me that’s fine, and maybe I switch my main PC to testing too and my laptop to unstable.

And above in this thread I read about the flatpak option of firefox, that sounds good. I didn’t like the force to snap-firefox, when I still was running ubuntu, but I like the flatpaks more and more. So this would be a solution for firefox and thunderbird.

Sorry, i’m not sure to understand the issue

I installed it from pamac, then it was just listed in my software menu, ready to use.

Just make sure to have flatpak plugin installed and active in your pamac

user $ pamac install flatpak libpamac-flatpak-plugin 

I have those installed, and yes, it appeared in my menu ready to use. BUT…certain things in Firefox Flatpak don’t give any response:

  1. the File->Open File menu
  2. the Import Bookmarks menu in the Manage Bookmarks dialog
  3. the File->Save As menu

I figure the file opening dialog didn’t get installed by pamac. Do you know how to add it (or does anyone out there)?

ok, just tried and can’t reproduce the issue: file chooser dialog works fine on my side (Gnome).

Maybe you have to install xdg-desktop-portal package?
Depending on your de:


check out also Flatseal (flatpak package) for management of flatpak app permissions

I would like to use FF 104.x, that comes as a flatpak, but after installing it I discovered it ignores the current (103.x) default config folder in .mozilla/firefox, and creates a whole new default config folder, and I am unable to import anything other than the 103.x Bookmarks. Everything else needs to be reinstalled (addons) or reset up.

As a consequence I am unable to access stored logins, addons and other settings from prior versions of FF.

Im using Manjaro (Linux) since 2 years now and i saw the Standalone Firefox Updates atleast 4 times, sometimes 2-3 days after stable release… maybe its related to a hotfix update? Maybe a Hotfix dont need to build against the branch?

xdg-desktop-portal and xdg-desktop-portal-wlr were already installed (I’m on sway). I installed Flatseal and allowed Firefox access to /home and then to every file category they had. No change.

Does your Firefox Flatpak install also work on Gnome with Wayland? This is my first try of a Flatpak and I’m trying to eliminate variables here…

Yes it does. With default flatseal settings Firefox started in Xwayland window; i just switched off “X” and on “fallback to X”, now it starts in Wayland mode.

Maybe you can try and install the desktop portal according to the file manager in use? (E.g. gtk for nemo/caja, kde for dolphin or other qt-based…)

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