Firefox keeps completely freezing randomly

Temporary solution: Turning off hardware acceleration (Settings → General → Perfomance) seems to fix these freezes. (Thanks rene1)

After the update my Firefox keeps completely freezing randomly, but also almost every time I try to open the “Downloads” window.
All windows of Firefox then just stop updating and trying to tab into other windows will not change what is displayed (for example if I had a ff window minimized on the second monitor and try to bring it up, the desktop stays on the screen in a frozen state).

Things I tried that didn’t fix it:

  • downgrading just Firefox to the previous version (106.0.4 from cache)
  • older kernel (5.15 and 6.0.8 both crash)
  • completely fresh firefox profile (this one made the download window crash seemingly slightly less reliable, but it’s still there).
  • switch from nvidia-beta-dkms to nvidia-dkms

It has worked for about 1,5 hours earlier today without a freeze. But usually it freezes in the first 5 minutes.

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Just tested this and yes Firefox freezes once i open the Download dialog window, Did a downgrade work? and also are you using Gnome Desktop?

Using XFCE.

(NOT TRUE, has frozen as well)Also interesting: Firefox dev (107.0b9) does not exhibit this problem.(NOT TRUE, has frozen as well)

Oh good it’s not a Gnome 43 Issue, Yeah i just installed the Firefox dev and can now open and close Download Dialog Window without crashing.

Only confirming: I have also seen this; specifically then Firefox not in fact being frozen but its UI simply not updating anymore. I.e., you can in that situation easily and for example still close Firefox without issue with the close button on the window.

Been happening since a few releases of Firefox and of interest here, it also did/does on Linux Mint 21, and does on the old Core 2 Duo system with integrated Intel Q45 graphics that I’m typing this reply on. I.e., would seem not Manjaro nor Nvidia specific.

For me it’s not rare but also not frequent enough to make for easy debugging; have been a little too busy. I’d try disabling hardware acceleration in Firefox’ own options though. Did so a few weeks ago on a different system and while that system was still on Mint but didn’t in the end have enough time to make sure of anything.

Opening the Downloads window is here not a trigger…

Only confirming: I have also seen this; specifically then Firefox not in fact being frozen but its UI simply not updating anymore. I.e., you can in that situation easily and for example still close Firefox without issue with the close button on the window.

Seems to be a different issue.

The one I’m describing specifically only happens since the latest stable update on Manjaro and closing via the close button does not work for me. I have to terminate the process externally.

Not for me, once i open Download Dialog Window i cannot shut down Firefox from the Close button, i have to use System Monitor and kill Firefox.

Oh. The way you described things (“will not change what is displayed”) had me think it was the same.

Guess what idiot cleared his cache, so i cannot downgrade, so I’m stuck with bugged Firefox :weary:

Does this help? Downgrading packages - Manjaro

Tried that and it only wants to re-install “firefox-106.0.5-1”, or I’m doing something wrong, I mean i set the “environment variable” and then sudo downgrade firefox.

If I here (on the stable branch) do

sudo DOWNGRADE_FROM_ALA=1 downgrade firefox

I get a choice of 132 Firefox versions, all the way down to 65.

If the easy way of downgrading doesnt work for you go here and download the package. Then use sudo pacman -U /path/to/package in the terminal.

Oh that worked, i think it’s because i did not do it as 1 line command, but even downgrading to 106.0.4 still freezes when trying to open Download dialog window, so it does not look like its Firefox that’s causing the crash?

If I’m not mistaken – I might be; I’m new-- then the Arch Linux archive won’t work here. Firefox itself in its About at least says it’s “Mozilla Firefox for Manjaro Linux”, i.e., to be Manjaro specific/tailored.

[EDIT] … although come to think of it “ALA” seems to have fair chance to stand for “Arch Linux Archive”, which would be to say that if the manual route you suggest wouldn’t be advisable neither would “downgrade” be

<shrug> Who knows how this ■■■■ works…

Given that you guys identified that the dev branch doesn’t suffer from the issue, yes, I would think it’s Firefox as such…

Actually, I have to revise this.

Dev version just froze on me in the same way directly after starting it after another reboot to try and fix things.

Mmm. The hardware acceleration thing is likely not it either if it’s this reproducible from a specific and seemingly not graphically related action – but I’d still be trying to switch that off for a bit to see if it does anything. Settings → General.

I read a post by one of the developers about this. For Firefox, it really doesnt matter. Sometimes Firefox will say Manjaro, other times Arch. Remember Manjaro brings in Arch packages to the unstable branch, and then it works its way to stable. The Manjaro developers dont build all the packages all the time, mostly Manjaro specific packages like pamac.

Thank you; just came from Mint which does in have its own build of Firefox (since Mint 21 basically the direct upstream Mozilla one – but specifically then not the upstream Ubuntu one) so felt that likely same here. But shall know to not shy away from Arch Firefox here then.