Firefox Version Switching?


I am new and I have a question regarding Firefox.
When I started with Manjaro, I had the Firefox for Arch Version. Then I got an update and I had the Firefox for Manjaro Linux Version. And since today, I got again the Firefox for Arch Version.
Is this a normal behavior?

Another question. According to Arch’s packages page, version 106.0.3 (and now 106.0.4) has been around for a while. But I still have version 106.0.2 (Firefox for Arch) and get no update.
Is this possibly related to the above mentioned situation?

Thanks for your feedback!

Arch is currently at 106.0.4
and Manjaro stable might be a few days or even weeks behind

Manjaro stable delays updates in order to test things - or rather: having them tested by the users :wink:

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That is just a line in distribution.ini:

about=Mozilla Firefox for Arch Linux

You can change it if you desire.

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We normally import Firefox from Arch. However, when it says Firefox for Manjaro, that means I built it from source for the testing and/or stable branch. That’s normally only done when there are important security fixes and/or bug fixes. With 106.0.4-1, it did not require a rebuild so I was able to push it to all branches.


Thanks a lot to you all for the information. This really helped me :+1:
And I was wondering why sometimes Arch and sometimes Manjaro :joy:

Another question: Is it possible to install the test/unstable version of Firefox in the stable Manjaro or do I have to switch to an unstable branch?

You could always install Firefox Developer Edition (basically the latest beta) alongside your current Firefox.

I meant the version that the Manjaro team tests before distributing to all users.
For example: Version 106.0.3 is currently available but the Manjaro-Team is testing the new update 106.0.4.
And this I mean: If it is possible to get this “test version”.

I think you’d probably need to switch branches to get that.

Or you could always install firefox-bin from aur.

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How do you figure? Have you checked for updates lately? I pushed 106.0.4 to testing and stable over 24 hours ago. :wink:

I’m on testing and still only on 106.0.3. Maybe the mirror hasn’t got updated yet?

Apparently. Refresh your mirrors.


Yep, that’s done it. Thanks a lot.

Thanks to you all.
Refreshing the mirrors really helped me, now I also have the new version :grinning:

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