Firefox issues after update to v88

Yes enabling egl.force-enabled makes my freshly working new profile (in my new .mozilla folder) bug again. So this may be the culprit here.

To be honest I’m bewildered because of all the various testing I had since this morning, I can find all the copies of my .mozilla folder and my backups of profiles made by Firefox when I ‘repaired’ it from the Firefox button specially made to create brand new fresh profile, I’m not crazy I have done everything I said, yet this makes absolutely no sense now to me (EDIT: could have been my .pam_environment file described earlier, but with the working firefox it doesn’t create an issue now).

I can have a working Firefox with hardware acceleration for now by wiping everything and reimporting the 4 important files (key4.db / logins.json / favicons.sqlite / places.sqlite), but I notice new glitches, where Firefox blinks all around or in some parts and show for a split second the windows behind it when I do some mouse movement over its taskbar icon/preview. Not that big of a deal but this is new.

Hi, is it possible to revert to the Open GL compositor in Firefox 88?
WebRender is disabled in about:config, but still shows up as the compositor in about:support.

Firefox 88 was quite the release huh? :woozy_face:

According to the link provided by @flux,

Turns out we can bring back Open GL with
gfx.webrender.force-disabled → True

My problem system (HD Intel 5500) has both egl flags set to False and still can’t enable hardware acceleration in 88 but can in 87.

gfx.x11-egl.force-disabled false
gfx.x11-egl.force-enabled false

You could try FF 89 beta for FF Nightly 90.
I use Nightly builds for months without any issue

OK I updated my system on the Testing branch, rebooted, and I had the issue again, then I understood, the .pam_environment I eventually restored yesterday when everything was working (and was still working after restoration, because I did not reboot), was the reason why despite all my testing I could not make sense of it in the end when I eventually had results contradicting everything I tested before. I deleted the .pam_environment file and REBOOTED, and it fixed itself. the .pam_environment file seems to need a reboot to clear it all.

Anyway seem we don’t need it at all now to enable all the good features in Firefox.

Huh, yes, why do you want to change default settings?
I have the feeling you created yourself issues nobody has though.