Firefox enabled black theme after the latest update

after the latest update of firefox it force enabled the black theme and now all my websites are black themed. how to fix it?

Not possible unless you are using some extension. Launch firefox in safe mode (firefox -safe-mode ) to temporarily disable all the extensions and see if the problem persists.

One another thing you can check is if you are unintentionally overriding the default color of websites. Go to Settings > General > Language and Appearance > Color and set it to Never:

Also if this happenning only after update then maybe this could help:

even more strange now: I disabled my theme “abstract 60” and it’s white again but the problem is that this theme is last updated in september and it was white until my firefox updated so I dont think it can be the theme issue. I tried disabling HTTP3 but nothing happened and colors are set to never

have you checked under “Themes” in FF,or under “application style”/“GTK application style” in KDE settings?

gtk setting under kde is set to default, which is white

I found a solution for websites only for anyone else running into this: Change layout.css.prefers-color-scheme.content-override to 1 in about:config. (0 - dark mode, 1 - light mode, 2 - system colors?, 3 - theme colors?)

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