Firefox 92.0.1-0.1 update of today

After Firefox update 92.0-1 → 92.0.1-0.1 of today my Firefox changed the set language to English and refuses to accept my correction from the Settings → General → Language. Please be so kind and ask Firefox or somebody else to make it work as it was in this respect also. :grinning:


@papajoke Thank you for your reply, perhaps I did not understand your ‘‘creating a new profile’’. I have had for several years in Firefoxes in several machines the same language settings, which are copied automatically to the next updated versions. But now in this Manjaro Gnome Pahvo desktop new Firefox update doeas not copy the existing language settings to new version and refuses to follow my command to change the settings.

Today 25.9.2021 I received a new large Manjaro Gnome update including also update to firefox (92.0.1-0.1 → 92.0.1-1). This updated version 92.0.1-1 has the same language setting problem in this desktop PC.

Interesting is that in my Manjaro laptop the same large Manjaro update of today did not cause any language problem in new Firefox 92.0.1-1 (and there was no language problem in the previous version).

As an a intermediate solution I deleted Firefox 92.0.1-1 installation from desktop PC and replaced it with flatpak Firefox version 92.0.1. There was no problem with the languahe settings, all settings and add-ons (except Settings → Security → Rights to localization, camera, microphone and announcements etc) came correctly from my Firefox account and I did not have to do any additional tuning/tinkering with them.

Maybe the problem is not in Firefox and I should try if a fresh reinstall Manjaro Pahvo to this desktop coould solve this issue?

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It’s possible to save some data before removing a Firefox profile.

@Fabby Thank you for reply and advices. Sorry I could not reply ealier due to my travelling. You can keep this question solved. My solution to this stange phenomen of Firefox language settings in this desktop PC was to reinstall Manjaro Gnome 21.1.3 (which then after installation got updated to 21.1.4) and FF was updated 92.0-1 → 92.0.1-1. Now FF language settings work now correctly as earlier. :grinning: and I hope it will stay working correctly. For me strange was that I had installed all additional apps only via Pacman from Manajaro, AUR, flatpak and snap, but nothing directly from other repositories.

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@papajoke Thanks for your reply. I have had a saved FF profile and tha’s is working perfectly (i.e. starting page, bookmarks, syncing, add-ons). That’s why I like to use FF as default browser in several machines.

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