'Filter failed'?

I just installed a HP color laser 2600n
It will not send print to the printer - I get ‘Filrer failed’ in the que.
This is on Manjaro KDE
Now what?

Did you try from terminal:
pamac build hplip-plugin
and then test again ?

I did - no difference ‘Filter failed’.
Must be possible to see errors in some log or - - - ?

BTW.: Printer is on USB

I have the same problem with another printer. The log can be found in /var/log/cups/error_log , which did not help me though.

If you post the error log, relevant type of printer, why the error log did not help, there might be someone here who can help you to solve the problem. Use this format below:

paste relevant log file here

It will show as show below. This helps the readability

line 1
line 2

at the moment all you posted is that some printer does not do something you expect and the log shows nothing you perceive as the cause.

Hi, I am still doing my own research, and stumbled upon this post doing just that. I could answer where the log is found and did so, not looking to hijack the thread but just giving out info for the next one to come along. But now I know that capable and willing people are waiting here once I decide I can not manage on my own :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks for that.

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These lines below seem to point to a problem that has been seen before.

D [28/Dec/2020:10:12:28 +0100] [Job 5] STATE: +hplip.plugin-error
D [28/Dec/2020:10:12:28 +0100] [Job 5] prnt/hpcups/HPCupsFilter.cpp 489: m_Job initialization failed with error = 48
D [28/Dec/2020:10:12:28 +0100] [Job 5] corrupted double-linked list
D [28/Dec/2020:10:12:28 +0100] [Job 5] STATE: -connecting-to-device
D [28/Dec/2020:10:12:28 +0100] [Job 5] STATE: -media-empty-error,media-jam-error,hplip.plugin-error,cover-open-error,toner-empty-error,other
D [28/Dec/2020:10:12:28 +0100] [Job 5] PID 36461 (/usr/lib/cups/filter/hpcups) crashed on signal 6.
D [28/Dec/2020:10:12:28 +0100] [Job 5] Hint: Try setting the LogLevel to "debug" to find out more.

A quick look around the net yields some (sometimes dated )info 1 2 3

The discussion on 1 & 3 seems to point to some incompatibility between versions of the hp device manager and the hp lip plugin and a cups update that seemed to solve it in the past.

2 gives the option of reinstalling using a different plugin.

1&3 could be hard to make happen this minute, have you tried a different plugin? maybe there are (as the article points out) more options that are a solution.

I have given up on Manjaro. No functioning printer, slow wake-up, overall rather slow system (except boot-up)