Filesystem exfat not configured in kernel

Hello everyone, i installed Manjaro recently and i’m getting this error while trying to mount an external HDD using exfat.

What is the error? Is exfat-utils installed?

“Filesystem exfat not configured in kernel”

Sorry didn’t read the last part before replying Exfatprogs is, Exfat-utils isn’t.

Didn’t try with Exfat-utils since after researching for a bit i found that its supposedly an updated version

check on util-linux as well

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i will as soon as i get home :slight_smile: , thx for the suggestion!

exfat-utils (1.40)was last updated two weeks ago 3/3/2023 on Unstable and is also now in Testing branch

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I was guiding myself using this post: Exfat-utils or exfatprogs?. Since i couldn’t find much over the internet i thought exfat-utils wasn’t the way to go, i’ll check It out first before util-linux. Thanks for the explanation.

util-linux is required by important system app, systemd, mkinitcpio etc so never mind on that.

So i should only try out swapping Exfatprogs for Exfat-utils?

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I only have exfat-utils installed on my system. It works.

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exfatprogs provides exfat-utils, but as @omano said he has exfat-utils and it works, Same here, it works (xfce).

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This might be an obvious question.

But what kernel are running and have you tried another kernel?

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It would be better to use exfatprogs. See:

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The main reason for me to use exfatprogs as it is needed for gparted and because of this it was changed in the root packages some time ago.

grep exfat /rootfs-pkgs.txt and it was exfat-utils at the time I installed this system.

But future Manjaro ISO appear to have exfatprogs. Commit April 2022.

Moderator edit: Corrected commit link

I’ve just checked and exfatprogs conflicts with exfat-utils, but I wonder if it was offered as an update?


grep exfat /rootfs-pkgs.txt
exfat-utils 1.3.0-2
pamac list -i | grep exfat
exfatprogs                           1.2.0-1                         community  180,9 kB

pamac gui shows exfatprogs

Never mind, brainfart :slight_smile:

exfatprogs provides and conflicts with exfat-utils by design.

The only way that would happen is if exfatprogs replaced exfat-utils, but it currently does not.

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Yes I thought that as people still have exfat-utils but if the decision was taken to change it in rootfs should it not have been sent out as an update?

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It was done because the optional dependency of gparted changed from exfat-utils to exfatprogs. We include gparted on the live ISOs.