File Search: zero results

Kfind works, but there are no file/document results, at all, when I search using KRunner or the KickStart menu search line. Is anyone else seeing this?

Do you have the Baloo indexer running?

Same here. I believe it must be a bug or something. I was searching for this topic as well and ran into “Catfish” file search. It is awesome!

Same problem for me with query in Dolphin.
But works (slowly) with kfind.
Baloo search seems inactive (sorry, it’s in French):
$ balooctl status
L’indexation de fichiers Baloo est inactive
Nombre total de fichiers indexés : 355 800
Fichiers en attente d’indexation du contenu : 0
Fichiers impossibles à indexer : 100
La taille actuelle de l’indice est de « 7,49 Gio »

I took a look to .config/baloofilerc.
According with the KDE Baloo configuration (KDE Community Wiki),
the next lines seem missing:

[Basic Settings]

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No the Baloo indexer is not running any more.
The problem appeared after upgrading on 2020-12-30.
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Open up System Settings and navigate to… :arrow_down:

Workspace → Search → File Search → Enable File Search

It’s been enabled for a long time.
But it does not work with command line baloosearch nor with Dolphin find form.

$ balooctl indexSize
File Size: 7,49 Gio
Used: 3,88 Gio

       PostingDB:       1,12 Gio    28.778 %
      PositionDB:       1,83 Gio    47.257 %
        DocTerms:     835,77 Mio    21.021 %
DocFilenameTerms:      26,24 Mio     0.660 %
   DocXattrTerms:       4,00 Kio     0.000 %
          IdTree:       5,08 Mio     0.128 %
      IdFileName:      26,04 Mio     0.655 %
         DocTime:      12,19 Mio     0.307 %
         DocData:      39,46 Mio     0.993 %

ContentIndexingDB: 0 o 0.000 %
FailedIdsDB: 12,00 Kio 0.000 %
MTimeDB: 7,98 Mio 0.201 %

I gave up on KDEs file search and installed fsearch, works flawlessly and the results are instant.

I had the same issue.

I reinstalled baloo & baloo-widgets and restarted Dolphin. It seems to be working now.

I have tried this: it does’nt work.

This solved the issue for me (Fabby’s solution).

You need to purge the database and ensure ‘first run’ is set to true.

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I tried this:

$ sudo balooctl disable
Disabling and stopping the File Indexer

$ sudo balooctl purge
Deleted the index database

I set first run to true in: ~/.config/baloofilerc

$ sudo balooctl enable
Enabling and starting the File Indexer
QStandardPaths: XDG_RUNTIME_DIR not set, defaulting to ‘/tmp/runtime-root’
$ Failed to register via dbus. Another instance is running

I was wrong!

I had to logout (Plasma…), then [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[F2], then login.

And strike command lines without sudo!

It works fine.

Thank you all