Failure to launch GUI from live DVD

I chose the non-free option on the boot menu, it then restarted and started loading modules and starting services… network manager, systemd-logind and snapd reported failures.

I’ve logged into tty, and used systemctl to check systemd-logind - seems to be running.

Then I proceeded to try startx - fails.

lspci revealed that I was using the nouveau driver, which is probably the reason. From the wiki I saw that I need to use mhwd to install the nonfree nvidia driver - buy it requires restart… which won’t help before manjaro is installed to my ssd… How do I get it to install? preferably through the graphics interface…

The current version 20.1, which has kernel 5.8, has no support for the nvidia 340xx driver. So if you need that one, you will have to use manjaro architect version or use an older iso (what is not recommend) or build your own iso with a LTS kernel.

Thanks, what’s the upgrade path from a LTS kernel? Will it automatically upgrade to the next LTS one once the previous one stops being supported, or is it a manual thing? What are the odds that this will make synching packages harder? Once upgraded to a newer LTS, is it guaranteed that the new kernel would work with the proprietary nvidia drivers, or is there a chance I would be left with a broken system after such an upgrade?

Manjaro receives the kernel directly from so version 5.4 is the latest LTS Kernel. As long as you are on the 5.4 Kernel (doesn’t matter which version number: 5.4.69 or 5.4.56), you will be always able to use the 340xx driver.

Please read this here:

There is a patch for 5.6, 5.7, but on 5.8 there will be no patch for this specific version of the driver.

I see. I don’t think that’s the problem, then - I have a GTX 1080, I can use the latest nvidia drivers, I don’t need to stick with the 340xx…

Any ideas as to how I can boot into the GUI installer using an unmodified 20.1?