Failure message by removing items

Every time I have to remove something, be it a Wi-fi connection from system settings or a user I keep getting a failure message. However the item gets removed. At least it disappears from the list. What’s the cause of the problem and how can I fix it? How can I check if the items really got removed?

Maybe if you include the “error message” we might have a better idea.

You don’t really expect an answer without even telling us what the message was, do you?

For instance “Failed to remove user/connection”

Ooops. And now what? Reinstalling would maybe be an option? Could you please send me a link with a linux/manjaro tutorial you find the best for starters? Is GNOME maybe user friendlier?

A good starting point is

  • The search function in this forum
  • The arch wiki
  • The manjaro wiki

And you can always ask ! (better beforehand :wink: )

For adding and removing users, I’ve found using Manjaro Settings Manager to be a better and error free option than doing it in System Settings - Users section which seemed slightly more buggy than it ever was previously but I haven’t used that option in a while so it might be okay now.

No comment on your network connection errors.