KDE Wallet Service

I just changed my root and other user password and kde5 got somehow active and started asking for a password I haven’t even set every time I try to open the browser or connect to a Wi-Fi connection. This is very strange as I haven’t even installed KWallet Manager. How to get rid of this very annoying service?

I just took a look at the settings user section and saw that my admin user email was sent to john.doe@kde.org or in Manjaro settings there is another user beside mine which is listed with “nobody”. I might be a little paranoid but is this a joke or what?

Your root account should not have any password set nor being able to login as root…

As for the other changes you mention, it might be due to the steps you performed (or let perform over the network by others), there is no way to be sure without a complete and detailed step-by-step listing of what you did…

The reason why that service needs root access is because as you mentioned yourself, it needs to be able to access your WiFi settings to store the password used in the wallet when that is needed.
It will just sit and wait idle if not needed, so don’t worry…it’s part of KDE.

kwallet is a required package for Plasma desktop, KWallet Manager is just an application to manage it.

If you changed root and your users passwords, then the automatic auto unlocking for your previous wallets will not work, and you will get that password dialog for e.g every time you want to access your saved Wi-Fi passwords.

See Unlock KDE Wallet automatically on login for more information.

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As far as I know it has to have a password because if it doesn’t then it’s as if the “house” would have no keys for the main door. Should I delete the other account - “nobody”? I repeat…I might sound paranoid but how come did this user appear without me creating it? Is somebody playing me tricks?

The situation is quite entangled… I can’t explain why I kept getting that message given the fact that kwallet was not even installed. Or maybe I’m mixing the package with the manager. All in all I installed the manager and disabled it and now the message disappeared but I created another problem. I keep getting this error messages “file system is not responding”…

And another very annoying problem is that I couldn’t see my router. Then all of a sudden I was able to connect to 2.4G but not to 5G. Now they are both gone again.

Can the very last question regarding the privacy switch which kills the mic. If I disable it and then re-enable it what is the level it’s going to reboot with? I mean if I left it at 0% and disable it and then re-enable it is it going to stay at 0 or 50% because I think this might be a default for Manjaro as I can’t remember leveling up the mic the day before.

Something is not okay with this system…

Oh and another thing… Every time I have to remove something… Be it a connection from system settings or a user as I said I keep getting a failure message. For instance now I have a wired Ethernet connection “Io” which I can’t explain as my PineBook pro doesn’t have an Ethernet port. I’m removing it I get this “failed to remove…” message… Then the connection disappears but shortly after reappears.

That’s the whole idea of having the root account disabled, so the house has only one known door… your own user account or anyother account you made co-owner of the house…

To answer that we would need to investigate the output of:

id nobody

But that and your other problems are best dealt with in their own separate topics…
One problem per thread so others trying to find solutions for their problem can actually find them.

So what do I have to do to fix this problem? Disable KWallet?

Please see the last paragraph of my last reply, (the very bottom part)

I already started different topics for my other problems as you guided me…I was addressing the very first issue that one which I started this topic for…

That was already answered in the first 2 replies.

You need to learn a little more before you start deleting important parts of the system just because you don’t know them. :see_no_evil:
If you do not start reading before deleting, you will kill your system sooner or later.
(Wisdom lies in asking → listening → reading :wink: )


is needed for local communication across the system


is a system-user in every linux-system :rofl: