Failed to commit transaction (conflicting files) error

The standard conflict problem - I just don’t have the expertise to remedy it. (???) (Like ATC trying to ‘talk down’ an inexperienced person who’s trying to pilot an aircraft landing.) I don’t know what the jargon means but I did ‘cut & paste’ according to the information provided in similar situations but my Manjaro machine isn’t impressed with my input.

“740 available update”

Oh, well. the machine is working, nonetheless, and I’ve about decided to just keep on using it until it fails and maybe wipe it and begin a new installation to resolve it’s conflict problems. (???)

[dax@baltimoreLENOVO ~]$ pacman -S --overwrite glob package
error: you cannot perform this operation unless you are root.
[dax@baltimoreLENOVO ~]$ sudo pacman -S --overwrite glob package
[sudo] password for dax:
error: target not found: package
[dax@baltimoreLENOVO ~]$ pacman -S --overwrite glob
error: you cannot perform this operation unless you are root.
[dax@baltimoreLENOVO ~]$ sudo pacman -S --overwrite glob
error: no targets specified (use -h for help)
[dax@baltimoreLENOVO ~]$ sudo pacman -S --overwrite glob all
error: target not found: all

Oh, well… “all” sounded like a logical word to use but I guess it’s looking for something specific. I can’t talk it’s language. I’ve been using Fedora, then Centos for about 5 years and Manjaro for a year or so. Just haven’t gotten into the time it takes to learn programming.

Try this… :arrow_down:

sudo pacman -Syu --overwrite="*"

… assuming that you are trying to overwrite every pre-existing file in your system. While available as an option, this is generally strongly discouraged and it can break your system completely, so you better make a full backup first.

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Aragorn, Thanks, O.M.! You are both, a gentleman and a scholar! I cut your command line, " ```
sudo pacman -Syu --overwrite="*"" and it ‘took’ the command and began processing it. I had to go away to fix lunch and when I came back, it’d upgraded about 14 pages of files. All is well again.

“Your system is up-to-date”

I’m impressed! Manjaro is surely a robust system if we didn’t break it with all THAT! We fixed it “…with a little help from my friends.” I appreciate you and I appreciate the time that you’ve taken to learn bash and still be willing to share your expertise with newbies and dummies. :slight_smile:

Respectfully, “Dax” Johnny Angel in Tennessee

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