External monitor suddenly not working anymore

So, from one day on another my external monitor is not working anymore. I’ve tried to fix it myself without much succes sadly enough. Since the nvidia drivers where N/A for my kernel 5.9 and mhwd couldn’t install drivers for it, I switched to 5.4 installed drivers. This didn’t work so I thought perhaps try it on 5.10 but now I can’t seem to reinstall the drivers (and I think these drivers are still for version 5.4 of the kernel).

I hope somebody can help me fix this. :slight_smile:

EDIT: so I tried this and struggled at bit but got this working HDMI not working on fresh install with Nvidia - #6 by XRaTiX. I also had to uncomment the wayland=false line. My “dash to dock” doesn’t seem to get visible if I swipe down though.
EDIT: dash to dock fixed although I first couldn’t find the name of this handy little thing.

QUESTION: How does it come that I suddenly have to use this optimus-manager while before I didn’t have to do anything?

Kind regards,

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