Error while loading manjaro

Yes, indeed.

I do not know if the system boot problem has anything to do with the AUR packages Correct?

As I also mentioned, pkgfile (from your boot error) might, quite possibly in fact, be failing because of thee AUR problems. I quote myself:

So like now
No AUR Packages in pamac
Pkgfile error in boot
It can’t be better than this, right?
Question:pamac is not showing aur packages is that a server fault or what?
That is while software mode is turned off

As I’ve also mentioned before, any AUR packages that you currently have installed will function as normal. You can also install one manually. There are also other AUR helpers. One of which is yay, which is very popular.

There is some kind of problem communicating between pamac and the AUR, as far as I can tell.

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So right thank you so much.
But One problem still reminds…
Boot problem…
The problem on system boot is not Impressive but when i shutdown my laptop it looks like stucking on that massage:
Failed to start pkgfile database update.
Question:Will the AUR+pamac problem be resolved soon?

I do not know.

The best advice I can give you now, is not to worry about it, since you know of it, reported the problem, got acknowledged that you’re quite powssibly not the only one and it’s not affecting your ability to use your computer.

Thanks but should i report this as bug?

Nah, I don’t think so. Mainly because it is already being worked on. But also because it doesn’t usually influence the functionality of pamac, so it’s not a bug wit that. Rather, there is a problem with the systems it’s utilizing that it has no control over.

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So thanks and what about boot?
Delete Pkgfile maybe?

No offense, but did you even read my previous replies?

I mentioned that I suspect it’s part of the whole thing, and that I think you shouldn’t do anything now.

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Thanks btw

see this link:

Even though we took the scenic route, multiple times, to reach a conclusion.

Been there, seen that, it’s in one of the links I sent you.


Do you have telegram,signal or whatsapp?

All 3. And I am in the Manjaro telegram group already, although I’m very quiet. And no, no offense, but I’m not going to go around giving my details to any- and everyone. I’m kind of careful 'bout such ya know. Paranoia from my days as a systems administrator.

even ID?