Error while loading manjaro

Nah, I don’t think so. Mainly because it is already being worked on. But also because it doesn’t usually influence the functionality of pamac, so it’s not a bug wit that. Rather, there is a problem with the systems it’s utilizing that it has no control over.

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So thanks and what about boot?
Delete Pkgfile maybe?

No offense, but did you even read my previous replies?

I mentioned that I suspect it’s part of the whole thing, and that I think you shouldn’t do anything now.

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Thanks btw

see this link:

Even though we took the scenic route, multiple times, to reach a conclusion.

Been there, seen that, it’s in one of the links I sent you.


Do you have telegram,signal or whatsapp?

All 3. And I am in the Manjaro telegram group already, although I’m very quiet. And no, no offense, but I’m not going to go around giving my details to any- and everyone. I’m kind of careful 'bout such ya know. Paranoia from my days as a systems administrator.

even ID?

Nah, I want some privacy in my life. Even if it’s just an illusion. It’s my fantasy world that I only share with my wife.

yea thats why i am using duckduckgo,protonmail,signal
btw ur Waifu?
do u watch anime?

btw i have now issue with windows-created usb check out this link:

I said wife, not Wifu. And then it sh9oould have been waifu anyway.

Nope. Don’t like it. Never have. Don’t think I will.


I’ve just checked and I don’'t know, sorry.

Also, since Manjaro isn’t Windows, please try and keep requests to requests for help with Manjaro.

Check this out

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