Booting from a windows usb

Hi Manjaro Community!
Maked an Windows10(original)bootable usb with unetbootin.The process done with 0 errors.
Changed the Bios to Boot from usb.But the system instantly boots into manjaro!
I redownloaded the iso file,re write the iso file,created custom partition but nothing works(The USB is working and its not broken)
In my past when i used unetbootin in windows everything worked properly.
how to fix this?
Some buddy pls halp!

you should use ventoy

Is that Available in linux?

Yes it is.
It should be easily installable on any modern distribution.
You didn’t say which variant of Linux you currently use.

You don’t even need to install it to use it - if you can use a terminal and follow this guide here:

Get start . Ventoy

It even has a web interface …

WebUI . Ventoy

which I didn’t make use of, yet