Error symbol 'grub_debug_malloc' not found. Entering rescue mode... grub rescue>

Hi, you wonderful people!
I think I must have done something stupid again.
Just after installed GParted, I launched it and then, without using it, absent-mindedly shut down the computer without first quitting.
Now I get this cryptic error message on a black screen:

“error symbol ‘grub_debug_malloc’ not found.
Entering rescue mode…
grub rescue> _”

If any of you kind souls have advice on how to fix it, I shall be eternally grateful.

Gparted will not alter anything without using it :wink:

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Honest, guv!

I’ve also been swapping disks around and fear that I’ve confused the poor thing. (Certainly confused me)

Currently trying to chroot from a live USB, as advised elsewhere in this magnificent resource. However, I get the following in the terminal:
“mount: /dev/sda2/chroot: can’t find in /etc/fstab.”

/dev/sda2/chroot does not exist. /dev/sda2 is a file, not a directory. More precisely, /dev/sda2 is a device special file representing a block device, in this case being the second partition on an SATA-connected storage medium.

One always mounts a block device on a directory — or “folder”, in Microsoft and Apple speak. And then this directory is what you chroot into.

Please read the following two tutorials… :arrow_down:

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Thanks Aragorn,
Some bedtime reading for me there.
Fortunately, for now at least, I seem to have fixed it with reference to this thread: