Error relocating /usr/lib/ system stuck

got it - that’ll do just fine
cp definitely IS working there :wink:

This os is only good for theming

Pv crashes the terminal

I’m willing to guide you.

  • you need to do the copying as root
  • the path you chose is likely incorrect

First: install mc - on the live system (if it is not there already).
Play a bit with it - familiarize yourself with it.

I’ll be using that program - as I explained earlier.

I don’t know what that means.
Don’t bother explaining - it’s irrelevant here …

Sudo co doesn’t work I am trying by copying it to home directory

Do you want me to guide you or do you want to fumble in the dark on your own?
Install mc, (it is a keyboard driven terminal file manager - mouse works too)
in your Arcolinux live system,
(yes, it will be gone once you reboot - that doesn’t matter
we need a tool we can work with)
familiarize yourself with it,
come back when ready :wink:


@Nachlese Can you plz explain again I can’t understand I rebooted my live usb now cp worked I cp my glibc but now how I use mc I can’t understand plz explain

baby steps:

  • boot live system
  • install mc
    sudo pacman -S mc
  • in that same terminal, type: mc
    Get a feel for it, see how it works

much easier than typing commands …

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Not this how I install glibc

we will get to that -
installing is not an option anymore - we simply want to copy all the files …

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Then what should I do

mc (Midnight Commander file manager), not mv (move). Basically, I think @Nachlese wants you to extract the glibc-2.33-5-x86_64.pkg.tar.zst file in the Pamac cache folder, which will result in glibc-2.33-5-x86_64.pkg.tar. That tar file then needs to be extracted again, which will result in 3 folders: etc, usr & var. Those 3 folders & all their contents then need to be copied to your original installation.

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Ok thanks for your help

That is kind of what I want to do - but it is even easier than that with mc.
No need for the extraction step … mc will do that for you “on the fly”.


Even easier was using thunder extracting it using gui not gui on cli

It wasn’t easier for me. :wink:
I guess you could say that I hate graphical filemanagers …
For me, mc is always the way to go.
You should try it … :wink:

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Sorry - I didn’t mean to step on your toes. Just getting near my bedtime & I’d love to see how this turns out before I power my PC down. I haven’t used Midnight Commander before (maybe once or twice a decade ago), but I do know that it is a seriously useful program.

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No worries - now it looks like he managed to do it via Thunar.
Not sure though.


Done all copying , it workess. And if you have any idea how I get libc6 for unreal Engine build plz tell
I been week I earlier created 2 post on same purpose and it goes well then comes error I now need to compile all 2000 big files :disappointed::disappointed:

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unreal-engine 4.26.2-6
is in the AUR - did you try building that?

AUR (en) - unreal-engine

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I am building 4.10 not even in aur last one is broken 4.11 and it uses clang 3.5.0 exact version nothing else work I managed to get it by 5 times compile