Error: Failed to Load Kernel modules after Kernel upgrade

After clicking to upgrade my installed kernels the system does not boot. I get an error saying failed to load kernel modules. I rolled back with Timeshift to get everything running again with no problems.

I have the LTS kernels installed and right now I am running in kernel 5.4.85-1.

Here is the output of

pacman -Q | grep -e linux54 -e linux41

linux419 4.19.163-1
linux54 5.4.85-1
linux54-nvidia-340xx 340.108-80

What do I need to do to fix this error? Is this the NVIDIA driver issue?

Yes. Nvidia, as usual. There’s solutions on forum already, please browse around.

This question had been answered multiple times today. Please use the search function on the forum next time.

Please follow this:

Looking at my driver situation it looks like I should switch to the Nouveau drivers as my 8400GS supports only the 340xx series.

I assume I should switch to Nouveau before I try another kernel update. Right?

All good now. I removed the Nvidia drivers, including all the config files. Then I updated the kernels and rebooted. It booted without error now. So I pressed ctl+alt+F2 to get a tty.

Next, I typed modprobe nouveau and the GUI started right up. The system seems just a fast as before and I see I am using less memory now.