Entire operating system crashing when playing games and trubble with switching which gpu apps run on

I have been having a issue, i now have a full amd system as a proper tower computer. I used to use optimus manager to switch which gpu was rendering everything. I havent seen a equivalent on AMD side. But the biggest issues is just a lot of games constantly crashing and i dont know why.
I tried to see if it was thermal throttling as thats usually the cause of issues of seemingly random crashing the OS, but it doesnt seem to be the case.
I havent had this issue with games native to linux on steam. It seems to be the proton games that crash.
In addition if i try to DRI_PRIME=1 steam it just crash loops steam.

It concearns me the most that it crashes the entire operating system.
Ask for any information you need and ill do my best to provide it, thank you for all the help in advance

Ok i might have a theory of why this is happening, i think its possibly the fact that the games that dont crash only use the dedicated GPU while the ones that do are using both with DRI_PRIME=1. Ive seen that the system puts a lot of memory into the integrated gpu to handle so if they are doing it and overloading to the point of crashing. then the whole system crashes because its rendered in it instead of just closing like TF2 was doing for me. I hope someone can understand what im saying or validate it and i hope someone can help me too.

inxi -Fazy
mhwd -l -li

Regardless of how prime is set up (or working at all) you should not be launching steam with it.
You add it to the game launch options like so:

DRI_PRIME=1 %command%

Hey, im here to update because i actually managed to fix it and im going to explain things i did for it to fix.

Something i did before doing this im mostly sure it was not what did it but i enabled amd_iommu on my grub file.

What im 100% did it though was i deactivated my CPU’s integrated graphics in the BIOS. I now cant use it but now litteraly everything works perfectly. Steam works on the dedicated GPU without any crashing. Now my entire system uses the dedicated GPU how i wanted to. And i even tested out with a game that crashed the OS very fast and it didnt even flinch.

One thing to note is that you NEED to plug your monitor directly to the GPU now else it wont show anything while booting and will display a VGA error in the QLED in your motherboard like how it did with me. (in case you have a Tower PC)

I hope this helps anyone with the same proglem and in case you need to see my pc specs to relate to your proglem for someone in the future here is my Neofetch.

btw i tried the DRI_PRIME=1 %command% and it did work in some circumstances and its the correct thing to do but there was a diferent proglem stopping me too

You never mentioned you wanted everything to run on the dGPU .
And this is not a ‘fix’ for the original problem as stated.
(also consider yourself lucky … the BIOS that allows this option is rare)

I have no fix for your problem, but im experience full system freezes in the past because of a game that used alot memory and lead to a system freeze.

If you are intrested to refuse a full system freeze that also lead to a possibility of data corruption… i can recommend to use Reisub (its a Linux integrated feature). If you intresting in this feature and you need additional help, how to activate it, i can help you in this case.

you mean preventing the entire system from freezing?
if so then im interested

its emplied but i aparently didnt say it directly

Yes, okay here are the infos for activating reisub hotkey/combos.

Add to your /etc/default/grub in the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT parameter the sysrq_always_enabled=1 variable.
Execute sudo update-grub
Reboot normally

After that, check the file again:


The Value changed from 16 to 1

So SysRq Key should be fully unlock (with value 1) with that command.

Free Memory, when your system going to freeze because OOM bug:

More combos, depends if you have other freeze problems than out of memory: