Eduroam again - no data

Hi again all

I had an earlier topic on failing to connect to Eduroam which I got a solution for. However I was a bit quick to close perhaps, now I’ve noticed that while I successfully establish a connection I get no data traffic up or down. I also checked that I e.g. cannot ping internal servers.

At first, I thought it was an issue with the network purely (and perhaps some specific nodes), but then I noticed my Android phone connecting and using the network at the same location. Therefore I now suspect perhaps there is an issue with the configuration on my side (perhaps in combination with some obscure network standards).

I however do not succeed in figuring out how I may debug this nor do I find much online which compares to my issue. Would anyone have any ideas to point me in the right direction?

Edit: Sorry, this was probably woefully uninformative in terms of allowing anyone to provide useful input. What I meant was in more general terms how may I even start to diagnose such a problem? I have a successfully established connection but am somehow not able to make use of it. I am guessing then that either the authentication has not completed fully yet (I don’t get that but ok), or it is the computer considering the connection somehow insecure and refuse to make use of it (I also don’t get that). These are the scenarios I manage to imagine anyways.