Easy systemd-homed support during installation

Dear Devs,

Since Manjaro is mainly used as a desktop OS, having systemd-homed LUKS encrypted home directory as an option during install would be a really good security feature!

Having a lock-screen encryption is something that is needed 2021.


PS - The Arch wiki way of doing this goes over my head, lol.

If you read the Arch wiki article - you will find there is no easy setup.

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Yes I understand its difficult, even Arch’s basic installation is difficult and yet Manjaro made it accessible for everyone. I assumed that a similar process could be applied.

Am not a developer so I have no idea how big or small such a task would be but thanks anyway for noticing the suggestion.

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I transitioned my account to systemd-homed, and it was pretty simple. I used fscrypt, though using LUKS is just as easy. It was as simple as backing up my home directory (which I already do via deja-dup), then running homectl create username --storage=fscrypt

I was a relatively early adopter so I had to do some work in PAM, but now that work is already done, and login and unlocking works perfectly.

Of course the initial setup would be only part of the story for full systemd-homed support. Support for it in the respective desktop environments is needed as well, so that when passwords are changed, its changed via homectl, and any further user accounts are created via homectl as well.