Dual Booting Manjaro with macOS Mojave (2017 MBP)


I'm new to Linux and dual-booting, and I really want to install it on a separate partition, I've heard scary stuff about grub, and I'm just pretty confused on the process.

I know how to put an iso onto a usb stick, boot into it from the default macOS boot manager, thats all I know.

I've seen people talking about rEFInd(replacement for the macOS bootmanager?), and something about grub and it messing around with the boot-manager. I've also heard people talking about making a separate boot partition or something.
So if some kind soul could walk me through the process, I would be ETERNALLY grateful.

If you are new to Linux - don't install on Apple hardware - there is no one to hold you hands.

Grub is not scary - but installing on 2017 MacBook Pro with Touchbar - that is scary and requires a lot of tweaking and editing and building packages from github - not to mention the problems with wireless and the fact that you need external mouse and keyboard to be able to interact with the system.

It is a task that makes hardcore Linux users pull their hair - I really recommend you put that idea back in your drawer until you know the ins and outs of a Manjaro Linux system.


Warning: This does not apply to more recent macbooks. These are very poorly supported. See here for more information.

My MacBook Pro has model-id MacBookPro14,2 and when I tried - about a year ago - it was way to much work to get the most basic functionality.

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