How do I install Manjaro Phosh?

I have a Pinephone with Manjaro Phosh 22 running from an SD card. It is perfect for what I need. Can someone tell me how to make it permanent and install it from the SD card? The phone has Ubuntu touch installed now.

Thank you

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you have to put the downloaded Phosh 22 as extracted img file to the /home/manjaro folder on your SD card. Then you can use Gnome-Disks restore drive feature to install it on eMMC. Else there is the software jumpdrive.

Alternatively, if you want to flash it directly to eMMC from your computer, you may:

  1. Download Gnome Disks, Beleana Etcher, or some other flashing tool (I prefer Etcher), download Jumpdrive, and the image file you want to flash.

  2. Flash Jumpdrive to a micro SD card using the flasher tool previously mentioned.

  3. Insert the Jumpdrive flashed micro SD card into your Pinephone while turned off.

  4. Turn on your Pinephone, it should display the Jumpdrive image and tell you it is active.

  5. Connect your Pinephone to the computer with a USB-C wire to your computer, and it should recognize the Pinephone eMMC.

  6. Run the flashing tool again and select your .iso image file to flash, and Pinephone eMMC as a target and start the flashing process.
    (Keep in mind the USB-C port connected with the wire is not a tight fit so be extra careful not to bump into it or move it to loosen it and break the connection with the Pinephone to the computer.)

  7. Lastly, when the flashing process is done, disconnect, turn off your Pinephone, and remove the SD card. Your Pinephone should now boot into the new image on the eMMC.

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