Dual Boot: Boot error


I have Manjaro and Win 10 on a Dell XPS 15 Laptop and quite regularly my PC isn’t able to boot.

It happens right after hitting the power button or sometimes, when restarting, right after reaching the point when the pc powers up again. Usually the first thing to appear is a Dell Logo, then a passwort prompt (set in BIOS (is that still the right term?)).

When it doesn’t boot it simply remains black and I don’t know better than holding the power button 'till it shuts down. After this Booting always works again.

Anybody know how to fix this?

This sounds like your system isn’t event reaching the point where a boot loader is involved (you’re not seeing the bios password prompt).

You can try checking for bios updates for your machine.
Other than that :man_shrugging:



thanks for your reply.

Well most of the time it works, so I wonder what causes the times it doesn’t.
Does this change your estimation?

Seems like a hardware problem to me, but can’t be sure without proper testing.

Can you enter the UEFI Bios of your computer ?

Thanks for your answer. I hope not.
I think I have to learn what to make out of error messages. But I don’t wonna bother you all with to much rookie questions at a time :cold_face:

Did you set the system clock on both OS to the same reference?

Then I would boot the Manjaro Live Media and reinstall Grub2.

They’re both set to UTC. Following this thread

I also activated the network-time-daemon as mentioned in the post.

(Hoping that makes sense…)

While I don’t have any education in all oft his I wonder if it isn’t about the way the two OSs shut down or restart. Most of the time I reach the Manjaroscreen where I can choose between Manjaro or Win.
Isn’t this what Grub2 is?

Then check the Boot sequence in the Bios.

Manjaro is set to boot first.

Just thinking that I activated the Computer’s password protection so that on every boot I first have to enter a psw. then comes Manjaros psw as I also activated encryption for the Manjaro partition.

I guess this shouldn’t be the problem, but I mention it anyway, cause I really just don’t know for sure.


could you point me in the right direction what proper testing would mean?
Does it require advanced skills or is there info available which fits into a discription.