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Even minor instability in network connection seems to disrupt the update process, which needs to be restarted again. I have a daily data limit and want to download updates spread out over multiple days. To avoid dependency errors, is it possible that all the updates be downloaded to a directory first (with option to resume, so the pending ones can be completed the next day) without installation? And once the downloads are ready, installation begins only then, locally?

PS : I think low-cost management options should be there for poorer countries even on rolling-release models.

…not good for rolling release.

  • man pacman
       -w, --downloadonly
           Retrieve all packages from the server, but do not install/upgrade anything.

…things could change from day to day, even hours.

…you may think about debian or other fixed releases.


Hello @anjanig and welcome :wink:

Well maybe only downloading the packages could be an option for you:

pamac update --download-only

You can interrupt it at anytime and continue at anytime starting with the next package, which is not locally there.

And yeah, I agree, a rolling release in combination with a data limited connection is a bad decision, since a partial update can easily result in a broken system.


Files downloaded during an update are not redownloaded after network disconnect - only the files not fetched earlier.

Disable update notifications

Set your own maintenance schedule between 4-8 weeks

Check the Stable Updates channel
Use the checkupdates script to list the updates

REad the update guide described in

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Thanks for quick suggestions! My entry level experience upvoted the least technical. As per the suggestions am using this command which is working for me, as the downloads are paused no matter if I restart or disconnect from the internet.

  1. Open terminal.
  2. Run command sudo checkupdates -d
  3. When I run low on data (or need to pause), I press combination Ctrl + C to interrupt. This pauses it (I have verified by seeing ‘size to be downloaded’ decrease after restart).
  4. When ready to resume, repeat steps 1 & 2. It starts from last position.

Just don’t know in case I download it over a span of time that releases a new update for the already downloaded package, would this process re-download a new package overwriting the old version locally?

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