Double click shortcuts not launching on KDE desktop

Good day, everyone. Got a strange bug after March 31st update. After loading the operating system, shortcuts on the desktop do not start when you double-click on them. The corresponding option in the system settings is enabled. When you switch to launch with a single click, the applications are launched. Doesn’t work on desktop. All other applications are ok. I came across the same topic here on the forum from 2021, but the solution to this problem was not described there. Googling didn’t work either. Another such nuance - if you reinstall the nvidia driver via mhwd, then immediately after reinstalling the applications, they start to start normally by double-clicking the mouse. Works exactly until the OS is rebooted. Also today, the manjaro-kde-settings update arrived through pacman, after installing the update, the shortcuts also immediately began to run on a double click, after rebooting the operating system they stopped. Tell me, how can I solve this problem? Well, or at least in which direction to dig?

I had the same issue, needed to relax the double click speed (don’t know why it is registering differently).

Here’s what I ended up following to get the ‘advanced’ tab showing and adjust it

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Yes thanks, that helped. I also found it yesterday
this is the solution and after the appearance of additional mouse settings in input devices, I changed the double-click interval from 400ms to 500ms and it became acceptable. Although for what reason this problem initially appeared, I did not understand.

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