Double boot screen and "452 out of range pointer" error

I’m having this annoying issue:

When I start the computer,it goes as follow:
1 - Ask for the LUKS key
2 - Boot menu appears
3 - after selection of any entry (all Majaro): “452 out of range pointer…” error
4 - Ask for LUKS key again
5 - Boot menu appear again
6 - After selection of any entry: It starts normally

It’s been about a month I’m having this issue. It came after the install of new grub package. I tryied pretty much all the tricks mentioned on the forum and I can’t find a way to fix it. Maybe somebody has a clu?

My install is straight forward: 1 drive, 1 OS, and partition is encrypted

Reinstall grub boot loader from chroot

Thanks @bogdancovaciu for the links
I was hoping to avoid a reinstall, but I guess I’ll have to

So reinstalling grub didn’t change a thing.